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Muhammed The Prophet (PBUH) stated "In the black cumin seed (Nigella Sativa Seed) there is a healing for every illness except death". ~Abu Hurayrah (A.S.) I highlight the seed because it is comprised of a husk, the meat, and the oil. They all have exceptional healing qualities and they work best together.


The Magic Seed

To provide health education, nutrition supplementation and opportunity for financial independence with a passion to the global public

rain FORM

Repairs & support lean muscle mass

Suppress appetite 

Kangen Water

Change Your Water Could Change Your Life

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Ingredients: Pomegranate seed oil, grape seed extract, grapefruit seed extract, ganoderma extract, and black cumin seed oil

Seed based nutrition with rain SOUL, CORE and FORM

Available Books
Rain Fused Black Coffee

New Rain Fused Black Coffee

rain SOUL

Antioxidant protection Cardiovascular support  Increased physical energy 

Genesis Health & Nutrition Center

rain CORE

Supports blood sugar 

Stimulates weight loss

Tissue cleansing