Genesis Health and Nutrition Center
To spread health through education and nutritonal supplements

Genesis Health and Nutrition Center
Change is inevitable but having good health and wealth is a choice. I believe you can have any thing you want or its equivalent if you are willing to put forth the effort. We at Genesis are here to help you with your health and also point to opportunity that will lead you to an opulent lifestyle. If we can teach people how to live a successful life we are fulling our mission. The need to know how to use your mind take care of your body and manage your nervous system is of necessity to having good health and an abundant lifestyle. Health and wealth compliment each other and together they fulfill the dream.Today I am embarked on a mission to empower people by showing them how to get more out of this life. I am conducting health and wealth classes on The Masterkey. I am teaching the course that Charles Haanel left with mankind to help humanity get the most out of this life. What a course in living the life of abundance. I will be teaching this course each Sunday starting November 17 to January 19 /14 . Click on the upcoming events tab on this page.
 Please feel free to call us about your unique health needs, we look forward to serving you.
Abdel J. Nuriddin, N.D.; Ph.D. 
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